Digital & Interactive

CrossMedia takes advantage of the latest technologies and platforms to transform the way our clients interact with customers and stakeholders. Our digital strategists, creatives and developers have amassed extensive experience working across a variety of mediums and disciplines. More importantly, they continue to keep pace with rapidly changing industry dynamics and preferences that attract, engage and convert target audiences.

Working closely with our in-house industry experts, our interactive marketing agency professionals provide a range of services to help clients create compelling visual media and online properties.Insights and Requirements. Our team gains a thorough understanding of the client’s business and works with key stakeholders to set short- and long-term goals, identify target audiences and define visual, content, functional and technical specifications.

Design and Production. To ensure a positive user experience, we use requirements analysis to determine a user-friendly structure, develop visual layouts and storyboards, create appropriate assets (copy, graphics, etc.) and produce the final product.Testing and Measurement. Whether the deliverable is a corporate website, a mobile app or an online video, we ensure a quality product by conducting pre-launch compatibility, usability and functionality testing as well as post-launch measurement, analysis and optimization.

Reputation management
Reputation is a fundamental quality of every organization – what stakeholders believe about it, expect from it and say about it to others. But many businesses continue to manage their brands and reputations in separate silos. A disconnect between brand and reputation creates a barrier to success and growth – and in some cases, a destructive force. It’s the central issue every business must address today, as organizations can no longer afford to have brand and reputation as separate entities. Companies need a new approach that produces meaningful, productive, progressive exchange with their stakeholders, and at CrossMedia, we call it authentic engagement.

Strategic communications
It doesn’t matter whether you call it reputation management, media relations, stakeholder engagement or crisis management – it’s all about getting your message across to the right people, at the right time, in the right way.  Effective, targeted communication is crucial to the success of a business, a brand, a trade association or NGO.At Interel, we specialise in strategic communication of all sorts. We don’t need to give it all a label. Our experienced team understands the channels to use to get your message out there, and how to ensure that it has maximum impact. We work across sectors and practices to bring the right skills and knowledge to any communication challenge. We’re engaged with digital, we know how to use more traditional media to great effect and we work hard to protect, promote, enhance or defend
reputations, brands, products and business ideas. Count on us. We get your message across.