Government & Public Affarirs

Politics affects every industry. Governments of all parties say they want deregulation, but in practice, Ministers, regulators, quangos and legislation impact every part of how companies do business, from the environment they operate in to the way firms work. Ever sensitive to public opinion, politicians are increasingly driven by campaigning agendas to intervene to protect consumers and promote particular policy ends.

Our expertise lies in helping companies actively to manage the business and reputational risk the political process generates.  To do this, we: Create and maintain a positive profile through long term public affairs programmes and driving targeted political campaigns to change the existing policy landscape.

Provide reliable insight and political intelligence about public policy development at all levels of
government, Parliament, the devolved assemblies and local government.

Ensure that our clients’ messages are conveyed clearly and effectively by developing effective briefing materials and targeted contact programmes and by staging events, receptions and conferences.

Generate an evidence base using economic, consumer and political research as a platform for engagement with government, regulators and the policy community.

Provide input on all aspects of the legislative process from detailed analysis of a proposed Bill or
Order, to developing effective lobbying strategies around them.

Assist in drafting responses to Select Committees and policy submissions to White or Green Papers,
as well as helping witnesses prepare for live hearings.

If you want to achieve tangible results to help your business or association flourish then we
can help.

Perhaps you want to stop or shape an unwelcome piece of legislation. Or you need to engage with government or regulators to enhance your reputation. You might need to understand what’s going on in parliament and what’s coming up on the legislative agenda.

With experts on our team who have worked extensively at the heart of the political system, we’re well-placed to make sure that your message gets heard, and listened to, at the right moment, in the right place, by the right people.

Inside knowledge, credibility, wise counsel and integrity are core to our public affairs services. The numerous awards we have won, as well as the number of satisfied clients that we have, are testament to our success on their behalf.

Successful public affairs campaigns use great communication to protect business interests, support access to new markets and promote business development. Count on us – we work for your success.